A Snow and Ice week

Atlast some snow this week! Most people dread the snow but Tarset in snow is very beautiful and a fantastic time to get out and play on sledges! With stunning clear nights and bright, bright moonlight- a night walk at Sidwood with noisy Tawnies in the background, or over the fells is just beautiful. Padon on a crisp winter night is just amazing with distant sounds of Grouse. Although the cold really makes you appreciate getting back inside in front of the fire.

Had a lovely drive up to Kielder, following the Tyne upwards and luckily spotted a flock of Lapwings, seems very early but so looking foward to catching glimpses of Lapwing displaying in the fields and the Curlews arriving for Spring amazing sounds. Lots of bikers out braving the cold at Kielder. Fantastic biking up there!