Ducks and Geese get a spring clean!

What should take an hour maximum, took two hours courtesy of my toddler assistant Chloe. Our lovely Ducks, Geese and Hens all had a clean out, Chloe took great delight in throwing the clean straw and rolling amongst it in the bird houses doing hen impressions! We have had our Geese and Ducks for 4 years now and love them dearly, I was always scared of geese as a child but find our five geese very easy going. Our ducks walk quite badly now but are lovely characters padding about and generally making a great mess. We have one rather feisty hen running by the name of Maggie who tends to chase the cats and have a go at the Gander.

To me they are all characters making a lovely experience for all that encounter them animals are such a treat to be around and look after!