A Blaske family holiday blog!

Last weekend we had a wonderful mini-holiday in a beautiful yurt near Tarset in the National Park, not far from Kielder. Rob and Vicky have created a magical place to stay, between trees, by a stream and amongst free-roaming chickens, with fantastic views of the Northumbrian countryside – it’s called Wild Northumbrian Tipis and Yurts . There are only two tipis and two yurts, with lots of space and trees in between and no artificial lights, so as to enjoy the stars at night. Admittedly the weather was not great that weekend, the sky was overcast and it rained quite a lot and we didn’t get to see any stars, but it didn’t matter much – the yurt and the whole environment was so beautiful, we just lit the stove and the moroccan lanterns and had a great time. Rob brought us fresh scones every day, and we were encouraged to collect eggs for breakfast. This has been my second stay in a yurt, and I really love the round living space, the light from above, the warmth of the stove…We combined this visit with a night out at the Kielder Observatory  – and although the weather was so bad that we could only look at the telescope and didn’t get a glimpse of any star or planet, we had a great time listening to the story and evolution of space. The kids loved it! I would really recommend a visit to both these fantastic, and very local, places!!